i see fire inside the mountains

who am i? who are we? who runs this body?

Is it surprising that prisons resemble factories, schools, barracks, hospitals, which all resemble prisons?

— Michel Foucault

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about me: i am sorry

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Our nails are pretty.

Our nails are pretty.

its really upsetting us that our mom sent us that video about “Aspergers: 3 Parenting Mistakes)

because 1) WE DONT HAVE ASPERGERS.  we were not even dxed with Aspergers and we dont identify with the term. Were autistic.

2) the video is gross and seems to ignore that many Autistic people DO have trouble with things and that many parents don’t understand the things we have trouble with and expect us to do things we cannot do.  that is what our parents did, they certainly didn’t “enable” us by helping us with things were were capable of, as the video claims. quite the opposite.

3) the worst things my mom did wrong in parenting us was be physically and emotionally abusive

4) we wish shed leave us alone

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ugh we have to get important stuff from our parents so we can cut them off.  we have to do it soon we cant stand this

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Weighted Blanket – Custom Weight & Size


I can sew weighted blankets for anyone who wants one for the price of materials and shipping. You can choose any size blanket (up to 40” by 72”) and any weight (up to 20 lbs.). Weight is usually determined by 10% of person’s weight + 1 lb. A 100 lb person would use an 11 lb. blanket, for example.

However, some people like them heavier, so as long as the person who is getting the blanket has the physical capabilities to remove the blanket, I can do whatever weight you want.  (I weigh 130 lbs., and made myself an 19 lb. blanket that I love)

The weight is distributed evenly across the whole blanket, with 6” squares sewn to keep the beads from pooling or becoming uneven. 


Fabric: Depending on the weight of the blanket, I can make it out of fleece or flannel. Flannel is required for blankets over 8 lbs. due to the stress the beads put on the fabric. Either way, typical price for a 40 x 72 flannel blanket is about $20. Sometimes I can find coupons and such, so I will do whatever I can to lower your price.  Keep in mind that I need length X 2 of fabric, and it’s usually around $3.99 -$8.99 a yard.

Beads: Beads are $2.00/lb, which is the cost at which I buy them on ebay.

Thread: Unless the fabric color you want is in black or white, I’ll have to buy thread (sorry!) so $2.50 for thread.

Shipping: Depends on your location and size/weight of blanket, but for continental US, expect about $15. Outside the US means prices will skyrocket. May want to find a local seller instead…the cheapest I can find is $80 international, and that’s just from Indiana to London.

If you dislike the feel of flannel, I can make a jersey knit cotton cover for your blanket. My friend Jami wanted one so I tried it, and it worked out really well! I almost don’t want to send the blanket to them because I love the feel of it so much.

However, jersey cotton is super expensive, at $9.99 a yard (usually).  3 sides will be sewn, and the last side can have either snaps or Velcro, whichever you would prefer, so add about $5.00 for that. 

I also made a tutorial on how to make your own blanket, which you can see here




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pandoraisbored replied to your post “Most cases are resolved without a hearing if the patient and the…”

I thought I was voluntary because I agreed to inpatient treatment but then I found out I needed a day pass to leave. It was so confusing

Technically your status was likely “voluntary” officially, even though obviously not allowing people to leave does not allow the conditions under which consent can occur.  

We were coerced into going and told we couldn’t leave but technically our status was “voluntary.”  It’s a really strange system.

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Afraid + Vincent Van Gogh


Afraid + Vincent Van Gogh


Sleep Hollow #1 BOOM! Exclusive Cover


Sleep Hollow #1 BOOM! Exclusive Cover

whyd we get 2000$ more in room and board financial aid this quarter

i mean

not complaining but

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The new IOS8 update contains an app named Health which CANNOT BE DELETED.

The app allows you to choose which aspects of your health you choose to monitor, but available categories include “Body Measurements”, which includes body weight, and “Fitness”, which contains sections for calories consumed and calories burned. 

While this may be useful for those looking to monitor their fitness, it could be triggering and harmful to those suffering with or in recovery from eating disorders, especially in sufferers with obsessive compulsive tendencies they find it very hard to abstain from, such as calorie counting, body measuring and weighing.

Whilst of course the app cannot force you to use it, it cannot be deleted, so will be present within your apps and can be a source of feelings of temptation to record numbers and of guilt and judgement for not using the app.

If you personally feel you could not emotionally handle the presence of this app,  and it would be detrimental to your recovery, please do not download IOS8. I do not know if a new IOS can be avoided permanently (if anyone has any information on this please do add it to the post), but if it cannot then please use the time you have to prepare yourself for the app, and to reinforce reminders that you do not have to calorie count, you do not have to weigh yourself, you do not owe proof of exercise to anyone, person or app.

reblog this please - it is so incredibly shitty of apple to do this

Daniele Watts' Boyfriend Throws Her Under The Bus




I ENCOURAGE you to listen to this audio. This is a sad example of what we discuss here on fucknofetishization. Interracial relationships DO NOT end racism, just like heterosexual relationships do not end sexism. You can be fully be in an interracial relationship and still have animosity towards members of a certain race or remain ignorant to the certain oppressions that that race has.

In this audio we can hear Danielle’s white boyfriend agreeing with the officer that she stepped out of bounds and that doing some time in the back of a police car will do her some good. Danielle’s boyfriend repeatedly agrees with the officer participating in the antiblack racism the United States law enforcement perpetuates.

This is inexcusable. Hopefully Danielle hears this audio and does what is best for her physically and mentally after this incident.

- Susie

what's your issue with the word ableist?


I have no issue with the word ableist. My issue is that I’m not neuro typical, so I’m not accepting people coming at me with that criticism.

non-nt people can still be ableist…..